Aug 29, 2022Liked by Hetty Lui McKinnon

Everything in here & links is so, so appreciated - catching up!! I particularly dig the Eater article on the veg cookbooks - so rad.

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Thanks Jess, I'm so happy you find the links useful. It's a good way to bring all the recipes and articles together! Eat well, Hetty

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Sep 1, 2022Liked by Hetty Lui McKinnon

It was an interesting article that really nailed the "industry trend" of a flurry of similar (but not so) books. For example, I have "East Meets Vegan" by Sasha Gill out from the library right now - and I just read at the back that it's a reprint/renaming of the UK edition of Jackfruit and Blue Ginger....had to make it way more obvious and vegan for the US audience ! Anywhoo, enjoy your day!!

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