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Spinach Japchae

Things to make this week, inspired by a visit to H-Mart

This morning (Sunday) my husband offered to drive me to H-Mart in Long Island City in Queens. For those of you don’t live in the US, H-Mart is a Korean supermarket chain, most famously popularised lately by Michelle Zauner’s bestselling memoir ‘Crying in H-Mart’. I usually go to the much smaller store in the East Village which has a very good hot section where I pick up bits and pieces of pre-made food for an easy dinner - Korean fried chicken for the kids, kimbap and jeons for myself. I love cobbled together dinners like this, it feels unfussy but also a bit special. I can do simple, but I can’t do boring. On today’s trip, I wanted to take you on a little tour to show you some of the highlights of Long Island City’s H-Mart and then share a few H-Mart inspired meals to make this week. There will be kimchi!

A quick note: keep an eye out for my newsletter dispatch on Wednesday this week, where I will be announcing the US pre-order incentive for Tenderheart, sharing a recipe from the book and also a bit of storytelling. I can’t wait to share. 

Three things to cook this week:

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To Vegetables, With Love
To Vegetables, With Love
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